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Imagen de Racer
Approval level: 64%
Updated : 2015-02-13
Downloads this week: 3.013
Times recommended: 9
Category: Games
SubCategory: Motor Games
Type: Freeware
Size: 93kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   

"Racer is a completely free car game where you can drive the best cars on various circuits from around the world"

Racer is a completely free car simulation game which has a very high level of realism and dynamics to give you that authentic feel behind the wheel, using a quality rendering engine. In Racer you can drive the best cars on various circuits from around the world. In each circuit you can see the strong and weak points of every car to later select the fastest, or the one you like driving the most. In terms of playability, the cars are physically well created and graphically colourful. The game wins many points (which is usually the norm) in its multiplayer version.

Racer is an OpenGL project and, as such, that means you can create your own cars, circuits and other details quite easily. All the documents you need are available: Racer-specific files, physics and 3D files. In order to customize and expand Racer there are various editors and support programs available.

In the multiplayer version you can join friends and share the circuit across all your screens, placing your phones or tablets side by side to view the whole thing. It uses Google Chrome in order to get the power and technology it needs to be able to synchronize across devices and to give you the speed you want. And because it's on Chrome, the accompanying music is easy to track down using Google itself.

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